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After Trump’s 9-0 Win, Watch for the Left’s ‘Lunacy to Amp Up’: Expert

March 5, 2024

It was always a long shot, but a desperate Left is a dangerous Left. Swimming in a pool of grim polling, Democrats looked to an old friend — the courts — to bail Joe Biden out. Unfortunately for them, it was a leap too far for even the most liberal of justices. Trying to boot Donald Trump from the ballot for engaging in an “insurrection” earned them a Supreme slap-down, a 9-0 ruling that might be a worse result for this White House than never litigating in the first place.

“They can go after me as a politician,” a vindicated Trump said, “they can go after me with votes. But they’re not going to go after me with that kind of lawsuit.” He added, “Biden ought to drop all of these things, and frankly, he may do better.”

It’s difficult to imagine the president doing worse. In a New York Times/Siena College survey that probably launched a thousand DNC panic attacks, double the American voters (40%) think Trump’s policies “helped them personally,” compared to just 18% who said the same of Biden. Equally damning, the current president is also twice as unpopular as his predecessor. “Just go to the pump and go to the store — that will tell you everything you need to know about how Biden’s policies have hurt me,” California’s Henry Perez complained to reporters.

A lot of people feel like Jonathan Jones of Florida, who admitted that, yes, “Even though Donald Trump gets on my nerves sometimes with his comments, he really was helping the people — whether it was food, housing, gas, to jobs.”

Now, without the Supreme Court to do their dirty work, Democrats have resorted to a fresh wave of legislation to accuse Trump of a disqualifying crime. “Immediately after the ruling, Rep. Jamie Raskin (R-Md.) promised to reintroduce legislation that would accomplish what the Supreme Court denied. In 2021, he introduced two pieces of legislation with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.): H. Con. Res. 93 declared the January 6 assault an insurrection and H.R. 7906 established the procedures to disqualify a candidate for federal office under the 14th Amendment,” The Washington Stand’s Ben Johnson points out.

“Democrats need to get a grip,” an exasperated spokesman for Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) fired back. “In this country, the American people decide the next president — not the courts and not the Congress.” As Trump himself said, “[Y]ou cannot take somebody out of a race because an opponent would like to have it that way.”

But that doesn’t mean the Left won’t keep trying. As J. Christian Adams, president of Public Interest Legal Foundation, pointed out on Monday’s “Washington Watch,” “Don’t forget. They’ve got about four other tracks going. They’ve got the New York track, they’ve got the document track, they’ve got the Atlanta track. So [this SCOTUS decision] really doesn’t cross tracks with those other cases. Those cases are going to keep on chugging.”

What we’ll see now, Adams went on, “is the lunacy amp up, where they say we should have Congress decide that he engaged in insurrection. They could only do that from about January 2nd to January 20th, but you’re actually seeing some of that talk out there. And I’ve warned all day long in other interviews [that it’s kind of] like the folks firing at Fort Sumter. You don’t want to drag the country any further down this road. It’s extraordinarily dangerous. You lost 9-0. Give it up on this insurrection stuff.”

At the end of the day, activists like the Colorado secretary of State and the Maine secretary of State need to be held accountable for “dragging the country through this,” Adams argued. “These are the people who substituted their own version of the law for what the law actually is. The 9-0 decision [makes it clear] that only the Constitution can define the criteria for president, and that state officials can’t remove people running for federal office from the ballot. It’s cut and dried.”

The justices made it clear “how flimsy their arguments were,” he pointed out. Not to mention that Trump was already acquitted by the Senate. “The one body that actually spoke to this issue … that was the only guidance we got from a deliberative body. And it was acquittal, not conviction. So all of this is a big, giant mess that should never have happened.”

But it’s no mystery why it happened. The Left is terrified of Donald Trump winning back the White House. Why? “Here’s the short version,” Adams explained. “He is unafraid to break their idols up — whether it’s political correctness, whether it’s race obsession, whether it’s America’s bad, whether it’s illegal aliens should be tolerated. Whatever it is, he is willing to shatter the idols of the Left and not be afraid.”

“Look,” he went on, “I served in the Bush administration … and the Justice Department [was] terrified of The New York Times. Trump is exactly the opposite. … [He] doesn’t fear [them]. He actually enjoys it. It’s kind of fun. And I think that just so disturbs the Left that he is calling them out and ridiculing their 40-year trophies that they’ve acquired [since the 1950s and 60s] — whenever you want to start the march through the institutions — Trump is calling it out and saying, ‘This is not what America is all about. It’s about free speech. It’s about equality. It’s about opportunity.’ And I think that just rattles them to their core.”

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.