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FRC Invites You to Sign a Petition against ‘Anti-Christian and Un-American Lies’

March 1, 2024

Last week, Politico National Investigative Correspondent Heidi Przybyla claimed that anyone who believes their rights are derived from God are “Christian nationalists.” In response, Family Research Council demanded an apology for making such an ardently false statement.

Przybyla said:

“The thing that unites them as Christian nationalists ... is that they believe that our rights as Americans, as all human beings, don’t come from any earthly authority. They don’t come from Congress, they don’t come from the Supreme Court. They come from God. … [And] now you have an extremist element of conservative Christians who say that this applies specifically to issues including abortion, gay marriage, and it’s going much further than that.”

As FRC waits to receive an apology for this blatant smear, we hope you will join us by signing this petition demanding one, because “this cannot go unchallenged.”

In the petition statement, FRC emphasized, “At no point in her alarmist diatribe did Ms. Przybyla acknowledge the fact that our American Republic was founded upon the ideas of natural law and God-given rights. Nor did she acknowledge the plain text of the Declaration of Independence, America’s founding document.” Additionally, “Ms. Przybyla’s manifestly prejudicial views against Christians constitute a malicious smear; an attempt to spread lies about Christians and Christianity and portray them as a distinct and, in her words, ‘extremist’ threat to the country. She is trying to demonize Christians and spread fear through propaganda.”

Przybyla, and, by extension, Politico, now appear “ignorant of American history, its founding philosophy, and even the Declaration of Independence” by considering these principals as threats to the country. FRC asks the question: “How can the founding principles of a nation ever be a threat to it, unless those in positions of power sought to radically reorder society?”

FRC wrote, “This was not an accident. This is the long running pattern of the legacy media, which has routinely and openly displayed disdain for Christians. … The primary target of their slander has always been and will always be Bible-believing Christians. They want to silence us and push us out of the public square by making us feel like we are alone in our so-called ‘extreme’ views.”

“Our goal is to gather thousands of signatures from like-minded believers just like you from across the country who will not let attacks like this go unanswered and deliver them to Politico, demanding they apologize for calling Christians ‘extremists.’”

Will you stand “with FRC against these anti-Christian and un-American lies?”

If so, sign this petition today.