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HICE: It’s Time for America to Follow the Science

March 7, 2023

For centuries, America has prided itself on being a nation of innovation and scientific advancement. We have generally considered science to be an authority on various matters, at least until it became politicized. For example, we now know (from real scientific research) that masks did virtually nothing to prevent the spread of COVID — nothing! We also know that the lockdowns did not slow down the disease. The lockdowns were destructive, creating the demise of countless livelihoods for no credible reason. It was simply an opportunity for liberal government officials to abuse their power and gain control over the personal lives of Americans. But this isn’t the only area in which true science has been ignored.

In an attempt to advance a political agenda, the Left is pushing to provide “gender-affirming care” for children, in the name of science, while withholding information from parents. Meanwhile, across the ocean, many European nations are pulling back on these procedures. Three countries (Sweden, Finland, and the U.K.), are looking at authentic scientific evidence and as a result, have begun to restrict access to transgender procedures for minors. Instead of performing dangerous, permanent, and life-altering procedures on children, these countries are providing them with psychotherapy for their gender dysphoria.

U.S. activist Chloe Cole was put on puberty blockers at just 13 years of age and underwent a double mastectomy at 15. At age 16, she detransitioned and now faces a harsh new reality — that because of emotions she felt at 12, she may never be able to conceive children nor breastfeed them if she does. To think that Chloe had been allowed to destroy her future in so many ways is unimaginable to many, but she isn’t alone. Many parents and doctors are being pressured by transgender activists to conform to their radical gender identity politics. Chloe has since filed a lawsuit against hospitals for pressuring her into what she calls “medical mutilation.” In the U.S., “gender-affirming care” is often irreversible child abuse.

In the U.S., a person must be 16 to operate a motor vehicle, 21 to buy alcohol or tobacco, and yet we are allowing children to decide their adult life’s fate, while often hiding the transition from parents? There is no doubt that many of our youth are struggling deeply with mental health, but transgender surgeries for minors is not the answer. Follow the science! When are leftists and political ideologues going to start putting people above their radical agendas? Our children are being destroyed, mentally and physically!

Democrats have long claimed to be the “party of science,” however, it has become more evident than ever that this is simply false (by the way, why are they not berated for “disinformation?”). From utilizing a man-made pandemic to enforcing government authoritarianism, to literally mutilating and destroying children and their futures, it is abundantly clear that the woke Left has abandoned all science and reason. But now another non-scientific push is being made. The nation’s women and girls face a new crisis — the chemical abortion pill, which has been made readily available via mail-order by President Biden and his extreme-left administration.

That’s right. Women and girls can receive chemical abortions through the mail without ever having to be physically examined by a medical professional. There is no requirement for an ultrasound to ensure the pregnancy is not ectopic, nor has there been enough research to determine that a chemical abortion would not harm the mother. The truth is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fast-tracked the approval of this drug and permanently lifted its in-person dispensing requirements. Why? Because the Biden administration was worried about the so-called “reproductive rights” of women. The FDA has a legal obligation to protect women and it has utterly failed in the name of wokeism and political agendas. Again, what about science?

Numerous studies point out the dangers of these chemical abortion pills, which have not undergone normal testing for use. One study found a 53% greater risk for an emergency room visit for complications following a chemical abortion. The same study also found a 500% increase in chemical abortion-related emergency room visits since mifepristone (the abortifacient drug) was approved. And unfortunately, there is a frightful silence about the deaths that have occurred by women using the pill. As chemical abortions make up the vast majority of all abortions, these numbers cannot continue to be ignored. Women and girls are facing serious health complications and even death as the result of at-home, mail-ordered chemical abortions.

What’s even more mind-blowing about this blatant disregard of science is that a majority of Americans — 63% in fact — are opposed to mail-order abortions. Not only is the science not behind the Left’s extremists, but neither is the country. Real science has been telling us the truth on these matters all along, and unfortunately for the Left, it doesn’t fit their narrative. Americans deserve better than fake science published by the fake news for the benefit of a few folks’ personal political agendas.

There are serious implications and consequences to the Left’s dismissal of science. We have allowed people to suffer unnecessarily during a pandemic, destroyed the lives and futures of countless children, and now we are putting women and girls at risk. The nonsense must be stopped.

Jody Hice is Senior Advisor to the President at Family Research Council. He formerly served as a U.S. congressman representing Georgia’s 10th congressional district.