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Stuckey: Fox News ‘Proud’ of ‘Nefarious’ Trans Propaganda

June 14, 2022

It’s Flag Day, and we all know which one the Biden administration is flying. Of course, this president, who made LGBT activism his number-one priority, didn’t wait for June to start his radical revolution. It began the millisecond he stepped foot in the Oval Office with orders to debauch the military, schools, health care, sports, and social services. Now, a year and a half later, as the border collapses, our economy tanks, and a gallon of gas costs more than a meatball sandwich, the president’s 24/7 social extremism doesn’t seem like such a good idea after all.

While he seethes that Donald Trump is “the worst president is history,” only Biden has the numbers to own it. His lousy policies have shattered records on inflation, gas prices, food prices, and border crossings. Stocks are down, and consumer optimism is too. And the worst part, NRO’s Kyle Smith argues, is that none of this had to happen. “If [the president] had made smart decisions, the U.S. would be doing fine right now. Instead, he is the primary cause of the crises that are swamping his presidency.” And rather than deal with the messes he’s created, Biden has decided the best distraction is more woke politics. He’s become, Smith insists, “the Vladimir Putin of this culture-war bombardment.”

Democrats could have jumped out of Biden’s quicksand, distancing themselves with real solutions. They could have challenged the president to stop spending, start drilling, close the border, and fight crime. They could have revived whatever dim hope they had for November. Instead, the speaker of the House is on “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” insisting that crossdressing is what the founders meant by freedom of expression. “…[D]rag is what America is all about,” Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said.

Or at the very least, it’s what Biden’s America is about. Thanks to the platform his administration has given transgenderism, parents can’t even turn around without bumping into another advertisement from a school, library, community center, or bar offering to “connect” kids to the “queer life.” And while the pushback has been powerful, successfully snuffing out events in a number of towns, not everyone is sympathetic to families’ concerns.

At a zoo in Billings, Montana, the state’s Family Rights Alliance demanded to know why such a provocative event — a Drag Queen Story Hour — would be held in the heart of the area. “This is not appropriate,” the group’s founder, Jenna McKinney argued. “We really don’t appreciate this in our community and especially at this venue.”

ZooMontana director, Jeff Ewelt, was unmoved. “We have heard from many of you in regard to the 406 Pride Drag Queen Story Hour being held at the Zoo later this month. Let me be clear — ZooMontana prides itself in being inclusive of all living beings. 406 Pride is a respected and valued community asset, one we are proud to support and host at ZooMontana,” the director wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday. “… [W]e will not let unwarranted fear and hate deter our decision to move forward with this harmless and fun reading event that is held throughout the country… Happy Pride Month.”

While families try to keep their kids away from the flood of “nudity and kink,” even turning on the TV has become an exploding landmine. Once-trusted news sources, like Fox, have tried to worm their way back into the Human Rights Campaign’s good graces by devoting entire puff pieces to the virtues of ignoring biology. Last Friday’s embrace of a little girl’s gender transition is “literally the most radical form of wickedness,” Allie Stuckey insisted on “Washington Watch.” These parents put their daughter on this path “before she could talk.” “So we’re talking about a baby,” Stuckey said. “And if Fox News is pushing this, then conservatives … at least in the mainstream legacy media … truly have nowhere to go.”

Like so many people, Stuckey was outraged at the lift that Fox News is giving to such a dangerous ideology. “The most egregious portion of the propaganda, I think, was when the reporter … said on Twitter that he was proud of this segment. And one thing that he repeated that the mom apparently said was that she would rather have a living son than a dead daughter. And obviously, the inference there is that if she did not accept her child’s so-called gender identity, then her child would have committed suicide. This is total and complete propaganda. There is no statistic, there is no data backing this up … And for Fox News to regurgitate this kind of propaganda — completely uncritically — when we have seen the damage that it is doing to young lives … was beyond [where] I imagined they would go at this point.”

And this was not just Fox News checking a box, Stuckey was careful to point out. This was a carefully curated interview meant to make gender fluidity seem normal. “I think Fox News was very specific, very strategic. And the family that they chose, they looked like a very normal, working-class family … like a lot of families that watch Fox News. And the fact that she invoked her faith that she’s a Christian … I think that they were trying to relate to people. They were trying to change people’s minds. They were trying to get conservative viewers to think, ‘Well, maybe this isn’t so crazy.’” And that, she fumed, is what’s “really nefarious.”

Just as nefarious are the Democrats standing by this agenda. And while they may pay for it at the polls, the price will be much steeper for our children — all innocent pawns in the Left’s war for their soul.

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.