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‘Transition or Suicide’: Detransitioner Recalls Pressure, Manipulation to Transition

April 21, 2023

Detransitioner Prisha Mosley said she “was given no choice” about transitioning to identify as a man, socially, medically, and even surgically, in Part One of “Too Young,” a new series released by undercover journalism group Project Veritas (PV). At every step of her journey, “gender affirming” therapists, endocrinologists, and surgeons rushed her into the next stage of transition with little time to reflect. “They said it was transition or suicide. Like, I was given no choice. I was told, ‘You will kill yourself if you don’t go through with these treatments,’” said Mosley.

“It’s very much pro-hormones, pro-changes, ‘If you don’t do this, your child will kill themselves,’” Dr. Quentin Van Meter, former President of the American College of Pediatricians, remarked of the gender transition industry. “That is the most common theme.”

In the video, Mosley describes her experience of one therapist, one appointment, one letter of recommendation, and one possible outcome:

“I found a gender affirming therapist, who was certified by WPATH, online. And I had a very brief, like 15-to-30-minute, appointment with her, wherein she told me that I was a boy.”

Mosley continued:

“On that very first appointment with Shana Gordon [LCMHC, MA, WPATH member], she told me my projected path. She said, ‘You are going to get top surgery and bottom surgery because you need it to be aligned. And I will write you your letters of recommendation, when you need them, for the next one. Here’s yours for hormones. But this is your path.’”

Mosley said the rapid pace continued:

“I began testosterone within weeks — getting a letter of recommendation. … Then I took that letter of recommendation to a pediatric endocrinologist. And, that very same day, I started testosterone. And then, not even a whole year later, at 18, I had a radical double mastectomy.”

“When it comes to the transgender procedures, this is the norm,” Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, a former clinical psychologist and now director of the Center for Family Studies at Family Research Council, said on “Washington Watch.” “What we’re hearing over and over again is a fast track onto whether it be puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones or surgical procedures.”

It should be “a situation where the patient is not shoved into a medical pathway or even a social pathway until those issues are solved completely,” said Van Meter on “Washington Watch.” He said this is “what we’ve suspected when we see people who come out of those clinics and come running away screaming,” when intervening issues “come out that are so important” but were “glossed over in these clinics” where “hormones are given literally sometimes at the first visit.”

The PV undercover video revealed transgender centers where minors were able to obtain prescription drugs to block puberty on a first visit, without being evaluated or monitored first for other physical or mental health issues.

“Every time we see another video, it defies what has been told to the public about ‘the science is settled,’ and ‘this isn’t happening [to] young people,’ ‘The surgeries are an exception,’ ‘This is rare,’” said Bauwens. “There is way more going on behind closed doors than what we’ve originally been told.”

“There’s usually this line that says, ‘You are either going to transition or you’re going to commit suicide,’” added Bauwens. The “number one tenant of the Nuremberg Code says that we need to [have] informed consent, and that the practice should not be coercive. … “With the transgender procedures, this is very coerced, when you’re telling a patient that ‘you’re either going to commit suicide, or you’re going to follow my treatment plan for your life.’”

In a WPATH Global Educational Institute (GEI) teleconference captured by PV, pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Daniel Metzger admitted that many children simply aren’t capable of grasping the seriousness of the permanent sterilization gender transition procedures necessarily cause and come to experience “reproductive regret” as adults. “We try to talk about it, but most of the kids are nowhere in any kind of a brain space to really, really, really talk about this in a serious way. That’s always bothered me, but, you know, we still want the kids to be happy. Happier in the moment, right?” he concluded.

“This has to border [on] child abuse,” said “Washington Watch” guest host Jody Hice, former congressman and FRC’s senior advisor to the president. “What’s wrong with the United States in terms of us not being able to look at the science, look at the evidence, and make appropriate decisions?”

Joshua Arnold is a senior writer at The Washington Stand.