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Voters Move Away from Biden’s Israel Policies in Droves as Swing State Poll Numbers Crumble

May 14, 2024

Amid polls showing that President Joe Biden’s wavering support for Israel is alienating voters on all sides, another major poll released Monday has revealed that former President Donald Trump has opened up a significant lead over Biden in five key battleground states as the November elections loom.

A New York Times/Siena/Philadelphia Inquirer survey found that Trump is leading Biden among registered voters by a substantial amount outside of the margin of error in four prominent swing states, including Arizona (49%-42%), Georgia (49%-39%), Michigan (49%-42%), and Nevada (50%-38%). In addition, Trump leads Biden in Pennsylvania 47%-44%.

The poll also found the presumptive Republican presidential nominee leading Biden among likely voters in Arizona (49%-43%), Georgia (50%-41%), Nevada (51%-38%), Pennsylvania (48%-45%), and Wisconsin (47%-46%).

“These results cannot be dismissed,” Matt Carpenter, director of FRC Action, told The Washington Stand. “If I’m the Biden campaign I’m hitting the panic button. With less than six months until Election Day, and early voting starting in closer to four months, voters are making up their minds as to whom they will support, and increasingly they are shifting away from Biden in the states he needs to secure reelection.”

Carpenter added, “What’s more, segments of the electorate that historically back Democrats are leading the shift away from Biden — young, black, and Hispanic voters — which explains why states with higher non-white populations like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada have a bigger gap than do whiter states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.”

A Gallup poll conducted in April confirmed this shift, as affiliation with the Republican Party saw an 11-point swing against the Democratic Party when compared to the numbers from 2016. The survey found that 47% of Independent voters leaned toward the GOP, a five-point increase since 2016.

On the flip side, the Democrats suffered a six-point loss since 2016 with voters who said they leaned toward their party. The swing is likely fueled by black and Hispanic voters leaving Biden’s party. A February Gallup poll recorded a 20% decrease in black support of the Democratic Party in three years. It also found that Hispanic support the president’s party among voters aged 18-29 had plummeted by almost the same amount.

The poll results come as Biden’s policy decisions surrounding Israel’s war against the Hamas terrorist group prove to be increasingly unpopular with supermajorities of U.S. citizens. As noted by National Review, “The latest Harvard-Harris poll found that people support Israel over Hamas by 80-20, and believe that Israel is trying to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza, 67-33. Even voters ages 18-24 support Israel in this survey, 57 to 43, and believe that Israel is trying to minimize casualties, 64-36.”

“At this stage in the election, the Biden campaign should be focusing on persuading swing voters and identifying base voters to drive to the polls,” Carpenter remarked in comments to TWS. “Instead, they have what looks like a mutiny on their hands. The Trump campaign cannot afford to rest on their laurels, however. In 2022, Democrats succeeded in halting what appeared to be a red wave by running campaigns focused on the election process — requesting and collecting mail-in ballots. At the end of the day, the only poll that matters is the one on Election Day.”

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.