". . . and having done all . . . stand firm." Eph. 6:13

PODCAST 64 min

Ep. 82: The Illusion of the Gold Coast - Where is California Headed?

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The Gold Coast is slowly losing its shine. It is being dulled by anti-family policies, sky-high living prices, and progressive agendas. How long until it completely tarnishes? Host Joseph Backholm is joined by the president of California Family Council, Jonathan Keller, for a discussion on the current and future state of California. A long-time resident of California, Jonathan offers a unique perspective on his state’s political history, how he has seen the economic landscape change, where it is all headed, and why those outside of California should care. He weighs in on and warns parents of current government initiatives such as Rainbow (Unicorn) Homes, abortion benevolence funds, and the push to limit parental rights. Join Jonathan and Joseph as they remove the rose-colored glasses through which many often view California.