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Looking for Reliable Election News and Resources in 2024? FRC Can Help

January 24, 2024

For those of us who love and appreciate America, its history, and the freedoms we enjoy, we look for educational materials to help equip us with the best research and messaging available to protect faith, family, and freedom. As Family Research Council’s (FRC) president, Tony Perkins, often says, “Our republic was made for participants, not spectators.” We want to strengthen our nation and, for those of us who are Christians that love God and our neighbors, we want to glorify God in the public sphere.

However, many people are overwhelmed with a barrage of news, ads, soundbites, and social media posts. They want clear direction, asking, “Who can I trust, where can I get reliable information, and what can I do?”

In addition, people are looking for trustworthy information during the election season about candidates and how they line up with their values and worldview. This is where FRC Action comes in. As a 501(c)(4) organization, FRCA is separate from the nonprofit Family Research Council.

The following is a listing of helpful resources divided into two sections — those provided by FRC and those provided by FRC Action.

Family Research Council Resources

Thankfully, FRC has experienced and knowledgeable staff who can equip the public with reliable, trustworthy information from Washington, D.C. from a biblical worldview. The following is a listing of the many resources that FRC offers.

Daily Stand on the Word Devotional

Start your day with a short but insightful scriptural devotion with Tony Perkins, based on our Two-Year Stand on the Word Bible Reading Plan.

News, Analysis, and Discussion

Washington Watch with Tony Perkins

FRC’s daily broadcast “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” airs every weekday from 5:00-6:00 p.m. ET on TonyPerkins.com, DirecTV, nearly 100 Christian TV stations, various streaming channels, and more than 800 radio stations across the country (listed here). Host and FRC President Tony Perkins conducts interviews with guests who hold public office, newsmakers, ministry leaders, and citizens who are impacting culture where they live. “Washington Watch” covers a variety of topics and breaking news from a biblical perspective.

The Washington Stand

Launched in 2022, this is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. With a team of reporters and seasoned experts, The Washington Stand (TWS) covers world events, political debates, and cultural trends through the lens of faith.


“Outstanding” is a podcast of The Washington Stand. It examines news and issues from TWS with an aim to take every thought captive for the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). Join host Joseph Backholm and guests as they talk about the day’s headlines and explore how Christians should respond. Look for new episodes each Tuesday and Friday, and be sure to follow “Outstanding” on your favorite podcast app.

Research and Analysis Regarding Important Current Issues from Our Policy Experts

FRC’s Policy and Government Affairs team of experts provide in-depth analysis and policy recommendations on the most important issues of our day.

Resources from FRC’s Center for Biblical Worldview

Now We Live” invites and equips Christians to propel faith into action. This free, worldview Bible study will spark rich discussions about some of life’s most foundational questions. These six videos from Summit Ministries offer life-on-life discipleship for churches, small groups, and families.

FRC’s Biblical Worldview Series offers helpful, well-written booklets explaining Biblical Worldview and biblical principles for political engagement, human sexuality, pro-life engagement, and religious liberty.

FRC Action Resources

FRC Action offers voter resources and action items so that you can easily email your elected officials about critical issues. Based in Washington, D.C., FRC Action is the legislative affiliate of FRC. They seek to educate and influence elected officials on Capitol Hill and in the states, activate our grassroots network, and mobilize SAGE Cons (Spiritually Active Governance Engaged Conservatives) on behalf of faith, family, and freedom.

If you’re like me and are looking forward to the upcoming elections and the additional opportunities to participate in the democratic process, FRC Action provides excellent resources to educate and equip Christians. Whether it’s party platform comparisons, voter guides, or voter registration materials, FRC Action has all you need to be prepared to vote in your state’s upcoming primary election in the coming weeks and months, especially as we approach the general election on November 5.

Resources to Help You Take Action

Make your voice heard on current issues by sending an email to your elected officials or signing a petition through FRC Action’s Action Center.

Voter Resources

State-Specific Voter Guides: Get sample ballots, voting information, candidate evaluations, and more.

Party Platform Comparison: It’s important to understand what each of the party’s platforms say because they serve as the guiding documents for the party. Studies have shown that parties vote in line with their platforms over 80% of the time. If you want to know what priorities a party will work to advance, look at its platform. See the difference for yourself and share with others!

Election Integrity Resources: These include “Ten Steps to Protect Election Integrity,” links to other FRC Action resources, as well as resources from allied organizations.

Vote Scorecards of Congressmen: These are a compilation of the significant votes on federal legislation affecting family values that FRC Action has either supported or opposed. The most recent scorecard will continue to be updated throughout the year.

Biden administration policies, actions, personnel, and historical record as they relate to the many issues that FRC Action tracks.

Voter Registration information

Information and links to Contact Your Elected Officials

Links to your state’s family policy council (FPC). FPCs do at the state and local level what FRC does at the national level.

Videos of our Annual Pray Vote Stand Summit

The Pray Vote Stand Summit is a national gathering of grassroots activists, political leaders, and students that FRC has hosted every fall since 2006. Each event has included notable speakers, including presidential candidates, and panel discussions. It encourages and equips SAGE Cons to take action on the many issues we care about.

FRC and FRC Action’s staff work tirelessly to research issues you care about and provide detailed, accurate information about what is happening in Washington, D.C. and throughout the public square. We are passionate about creating and supporting public policies that strengthen America’s families. Thank you for praying, voting, and standing with us for faith, family, and freedom!