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Nova October 7 Exhibit Reminds Us That Israel Is Fighting against Evil

May 11, 2024

As America has witnessed recent rallies on college campuses across the country, many of us have been disheartened to realize how many Americans — especially young Americans — support the terrorist organization Hamas and how many are anti-Semitic.

In fact, one in five Americans between the ages of 18-29 (20%) believes the Nazi Holocaust that killed six million Jews is a myth and more than one in four (25%) in that age group believe that Jews have too much power in the United States. Devastatingly, many of these young Americans (one third of whom get their news from TikTok), think that Hamas’s massacre and kidnappings of Jews on October 7 is a myth.

Thankfully, survivors of the October 7 attack have created an exhibit to wake the world up to the brutal reality of that fateful day. They display video footage from both victims and terrorists, burned cars, bullet-filled porta-potties, abandoned belongings (similar to what you see in Holocaust museums), and photos of those murdered and kidnapped that day.

Creators of the Nova Music Festival Exhibition, called “The Moment Music Stood Still,” first featured their display in Tel Aviv, Israel last December. They then brought it to New York City on April 21 for four weeks, just steps from America’s own September 11 terrorist attack memorial. It will soon be available to the public in other American cities and cities around the world.

Twenty-five-year-old Tal Bodner told The Jerusalem Post that it’s important for people her age to see the exhibitions’ videos unfiltered:

“You can see some of these videos on TikTok, but then they’re filtered with a lot of antisemitic rhetoric or just anti-Israel rhetoric, and so they’re not getting the picture. The picture here is truly painted, as this is what happened on October 7. ... People forget that Hamas started this, and that Israel actually was in no way trying to have this war.”

Twelve hundred people, including 370 from the Nova Music Festival, were murdered and more than 250 were kidnapped — 44 of which were from Nova. Approximately 128 are still being held hostage in Gaza.

Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle journalist David Rullo watched footage from the October 7 atrocities and painstakingly described the evil:

“The men, women and children victims were selected for only one reason: They were Jewish and they were in Israel.

“What we viewed was not man’s inhumanity to man, nor was it a battle in a war. It was the work of mass murderers who took pleasure in what they were doing. They bragged about what they did.

“They treated humans worse than the way animals are allowed to be treated according to the rules of halal, the dietary restrictions that Muslims follow, which are similar to kashrut.

“And they’ve told the world they’ll do it again if they are allowed to survive. What I saw was the reason Israel can not stop prosecuting their war against Hamas until the terrorist organization can never again do what it did on Oct. 7.”

Thankfully, the exhibition is receiving the attention of major media outlets such as NBC News and CBS News. NBC News reporter Chloe Melas interviewed three October 7 survivors at the New York exhibit, including a 26-year-old American citizen who took refuge in a nearby bomb shelter with a small group, including her uncle who was killed in the attack. She described:

“I was by the doorway. … The terrorists didn’t enter the bomb shelter after the first [bomb] because there was so much blood and so many bodies, it was slippery, so they would take the hand grenade … they would throw it and the grenade would hit the wall and would fall in … the entry of the bomb shelter and it would explode there, and I’m sitting right there. So every time I would put bodies in the doorway to kind of shield the people that are alive from getting hit, and so every three hours I had to add more bodies on top of each other to protect us.”

In light of testimonies like these, it’s incomprehensible why President Biden would now turn his back on our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, and singlehandedly refuse to send them precision weapons to eradicate Hamas and defend themselves so that they will never face such a brutal, monstrous attack again.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) appeared on Fox & Friends on Thursday, agreeing with host Steve Doocy who wonders if Biden is holding desperately-needed weapons from Israel in a desperate effort to get re-elected in November. He explained:

“[Biden] appeases Iran and criticizes Israel. It should be exactly the opposite of that, and now he’s appeasing these anti-Semitic, hateful, pro-Hamas crowds. You know, I went to Columbia University myself to see this on the ground. These students are waving flags for Hezbollah and Hamas — terrorist organizations. Some of them deny that October 7 happened and all the tragedies there. I mean it’s an absolute maddening set of circumstances, and the president is refusing to speak with moral clarity to the issue and that’s why it continues to grow across the country.”

Host Ainsley Earhardt asked Speaker Johnson if Biden has turned against Israel because he sees the polls showing a growing number of “uncommitted” voters in Wisconsin and Michigan (where there is a large population of pro-Hamas/anti-Israel residents). Johnson responded:

“Everyone can see, Ainsley, that this is a political decision that he is making. He is terrified of the pro-Hamas wing of the Democratic Party. But let me tell you something: this is a time when the commander-in-chief, the president of the United States who has the largest bully pulpit in America, this is a time when we desperately need the president to speak clearly with clarity and conviction and consistency about right vs. wrong. This is about good versus evil, it truly is. And if he is unable or unwilling to do that, he has got to step aside.”