". . . and having done all . . . stand firm." Eph. 6:13


Soros Vows to Keep Bankrolling Woke DAs

August 2, 2022

Most James Bond villains prefer to operate in the shadows. Stepping out into the light is a sign of extreme desperation. Yet Hungarian billionaire George Soros took to the pages of The Wall Street Journal on Sunday to publicly defend one of his most nefarious projects. “I have supported the election (and more recently the re-election) of prosecutors who support reform,” wrote Soros. “I have done it transparently, and I have no intention of stopping.” For some people, the world is not enough.

Investigators with the Capital Research Center have uncovered at least $29 million issuing from Soros’s gold finger, which propelled at least 20 woke candidates to victory in district attorney races. That kind of money does far more than “enable … candidates to receive a hearing from the public,” as Soros claimed. That much money can bury opponents, especially in low-profile, local races, like those for district attorney or equivalent positions.

Soros insisted, based upon an unnamed study, that woke prosecutors have nothing to do with the rise in violent crime. He even went so far as to assert, “Violent crime in recent years has generally been increasing more quickly in jurisdictions without reform-minded prosecutors.” It’s unclear what evidence he is looking at.

Soros-backed prosecutors have won elections in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, New York City (Manhattan), and Philadelphia. Their lenient policies toward violent, hardened criminals have amounted to a license to kill, with murder rates and other violent crimes skyrocketing in recent years, particularly since the COVID pandemic.

“Judging by the results, the public likes what it’s hearing,” concluded the Soros manifesto with glee. Uh, no, they don’t. In a special recall election, San Francisco residents knocked the living daylights out of Soros-backed Chesa Boudin, who had turned the city into a national pariah with his refusal to enforce basic public safety laws. San Franciscans are a forgiving and uber-liberal bunch, having tolerated Nancy Pelosi as their representative in Congress since the Reagan administration. But not even they could stand any longer for open air drug markets, needle-littered sidewalks, private yards turned into public toilets, and systematic shoplifting. When forced to choose between a Soros-backed ideologue and the safety of their own streets, even the leftest of the leftists prefer to die another day.

Admittedly, it might be unfair to expect a solid commitment to facts from someone embracing the most factually-impaired ideology of the 21st century: critical race theory. With statements like, “our system is rife with injustices,” and racial disparity in prisons “is an injustice that undermines our democracy,” Soros made no attempt to keep his agenda a “for your eyes only” secret.

“If people trust the justice system, it will work,” asserted Soros. That’s a funny line coming from the guy putting his fortune at the disposal of the people undermining it. When the people tasked with enforcing laws refuse to do so, or when laws are enforced in an arbitrary and capricious way (especially with political bias), that’s when the justice system doesn’t work. And when it doesn’t work (literally), that’s when people stop trusting it.

The lawlessness of Soros’s minions stretches beyond merely lassitude in the face of violent and petty crime. In Loudoun County, Virginia, a Soros-funded DA personally sought jail time for a father who tried to speak out at a school board meeting — something “completely unheard of.” In New York, law enforcement released a man who attempted to stab the Republican nominee for governor at a campaign event. Across the nation, 90 woke prosecutors have pledged to defy duly-enacted pro-life laws.

Here’s the funny thing about “democracy” (or, more accurately, a constitutional republic): when the people rule (demos + cracy), then the laws passed by their elected representatives are supposed to govern the land. If rich billionaires don’t like those laws, they don’t get to simply rewrite the playbook because they’re rich. That’s called an oligarchy. And that appears to be the style of government George Soros is trying to import from Russia with love through his prosecutorial posse.

But perhaps Soros realizes his strategy isn’t working. Perhaps Soros understands that hiring elected officials who refuse to enforce the law will only make the American people shaken, not stirred to join his cause. And so, he takes to writing editorials to make his point. But having seen the results of his ideology in action — rioting, looting, “mostly peaceful” protests — Americans are more likely to rate it as “double zero” than “seven.”

Joshua Arnold is a senior writer at The Washington Stand.