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Another Decision Day, No Dobbs: Report from the Court

June 21, 2022

With the end of June rapidly approaching, crowds gather outside the Supreme Court every decision day in anticipation of the release of its decision in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. And, to no one’s surprise, the chaos continues to mount as people passionately express their stance on life and abortion on Capitol Hill.

Amidst an increased Capitol Police presence, the scene begins before the 10 a.m. EST release of SCOTUS decisions. A mix of pro-life and pro-abortion protestors, activists, and organizations intermingle, signs in hand and swarmed by media, ready to react to the future of Roe v. Wade. Tuesday morning, pro-life organizations like Students 4 Life and Young Women for America held up posters reading, “We are the Pro-Life Generation,” and chanted, “Roe v. Wade has got to go!” Pro-abortion signs read, “Our Rights Are Not Up for Debate,” “Overturn Roe? Hell No,” “America is not a Christian Nation,” and, “Keep Your Religion Out My Vagina.”

Depending on the day, the scene looks a little different. This week, while many protestors remain separate and civil, opposing sides sometimes clashed and created a noisy din. Pro-abortion protestors held up megaphones and shouted in several peaceful young activists’ faces, while other disruptors danced around provocatively, blocked signs, and flipped off their ideological opponents. Boom boxes from several corners on the street blasted various songs featuring lyrics such as “f*** you,” adding to the noise pollution and loud, buzzing action.

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, the same group that recently stripped down to their underwear in Joel Osteen’s church service and stormed the court bare-breasted during a WNBA game, rallied outside the court this morning, clad in their iconic #Green4Abortion bandanas. One of their rally speakers included activist Guido Reichstadter, who just weeks ago chained his neck to the Supreme Court fencing in an act of protest. Keeping on brand with the pattern of disruption, two more pro-abortion protestors from the organization were arrested after handcuffing themselves to the fence this morning.

While the fate of Roe v. Wade was not decided today, five other decisions were released, including Carson v. Makin, a case out of Maine that ruled in favor of religious schools. There are 13 court decisions yet to be announced as the end of the term is near. With Dobbs, the pro-life nation awaits the biggest court decision in nearly 50 years.

For now, the Dobbs decision continues to be delayed, though it could be released as early as Thursday, the next upcoming SCOTUS decision day. Stay tuned as The Washington Stand brings you the latest updates.

Marjorie Jackson is a reporter for The Washington Stand.