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Biden Admin’s ‘Emergency Abortion’ Letter Considers Abortion a ‘Stabilizing Treatment’

July 3, 2024

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a temporary order ruling that, despite Idaho’s efforts toward protecting the unborn, the state must allow expecting mothers access to “emergency abortions” in cases where health is compromised. On Tuesday, in step with the SCOTUS ruling, the Biden administration released an “Emergency Abortion” letter arguing that hospitals should be able to terminate pre-born babies. This letter, which was sent to various medical professionals, portrayed abortion as a “stabilizing treatment” no woman should “be denied.”

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Director Chiquita Brooks-LaSure wrote in the letter, “No pregnant woman or her family should have to even begin to worry that she could be denied the treatment she needs to stabilize her emergency medical condition in the emergency room.” This case in Idaho has sparked controversy from both sides of the aisle, yet many are not surprised by the Biden administration’s letter. In fact, the letter caused “Washington Watch” guest host Jody Hice to ask on Tuesday’s episode: Could this be considered yet “another sign of the Biden administration pushing its unholy trinity of abortion, LGBT, and climate?”

Meg Kilgannon, Family Research Council’s senior fellow for Education Studies, joined Hice in the discussion. “As a Catholic,” she said, “I am once again astounded and yet also not surprised that the Biden administration — Catholic President Joe Biden and Catholic HHS Secretary Becerra — are going to use every tool in the toolbox, whether it’s legal or not, to push an abortion agenda.”

She continued, “[T]his letter that’s been released … is designed to bully and threaten hospitals across the country … into performing abortions,” and she emphasized that “many of them are Catholic hospitals.” According to Kilgannon, what the Biden administration wants for women who “come to the emergency room after having taken an abortion pill — and she’s … in a medical state that is dire — they want to make sure that woman is treated … by giving her an abortion.” Ultimately, “[T]his is a prime example of how the Democratic Party and the Democratic leaders, whether they are Catholic or not, use every power they have to make sure the abortion agenda is advanced in this country.”

“[I]t’s just unbelievable,” Hice sighed. “Their obsession with killing babies is mind boggling.” Regarding the fact that many of the hospitals that are being pressured to do abortions are Catholic, Hice pointed out that “these hospitals and perhaps other faith-based hospitals [are] going to be forced to violate their religious beliefs under this.” He then posed the question: “Could some of them perhaps even be forced to close because they refuse to violate their deeply held religious convictions?”

According to Kilgannon, the closures are a potential possibility and an “unfortunate consequence.” Primarily “because the Biden administration is using the threat of withholding Medicare and Medicaid funds from these institutions” that may refuse to do the abortions. She also explained that similar circumstances resulted after the Biden administration sent the “Dear Colleague” letter, which pushed their Title IX rule change that allows biological men into private girls’ spaces. It’s “the exact same kind of tactic,” Kilgannon noted.

She went on to emphasize that “they are trying to make a rule here without making a rule. They are trying to exert an authority that isn’t quite clear. And they are willing to say whatever they have to say, so that they can tell the American voter that they are for abortion all the time.” Hice expressed that the Biden administration’s push is not only “stunning,” but it’s “yet another example of the reality.” Namely, “that the Democrats will do whatever they can to continue pushing their abortion agenda forward.”

However, Hice concluded, “[I]t is for that reason that we must continue standing for life. … It’s a critical issue and we need to understand this is a federal issue, not just something that belongs to the states. It’s a both-and scenario politically, and certainly one from the platform perspective, we need to keep on the forefront.”

Sarah Holliday is a reporter at The Washington Stand.