". . . and having done all . . . stand firm." Eph. 6:13


‘God Is Doing Great Things’: Perkins Reflects on Louisiana Family Forum's 25th Anniversary

September 29, 2023

Twenty-five years ago, the Louisiana Family Forum was set in motion, founded by Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. The Forum is a nonprofit organization based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is dedicated to advancing life, liberty, and limited government within the state. Thursday evening, Perkins was honored at the Forum’s Silver Anniversary Gala to reflect on what has been accomplished over the years.

Thinking back on what motivated Perkins to start the Forum, he said, “[T]here was a lobbyist for every entity pulling out lawmakers. … But there was nobody for the family. Not a single person advocating.” He knew that had to change. “And so,” he added, “that was the beginning.”

Perkins shared that the initial vision of the Forum was “to foster an environment where men and women of faith would step forward boldly and lead from those biblical values.” He shared how the Forum is doing just that. He added, “It’s encouraging for me … [to] see the fruit of what [the Forum has] been able to harvest.”

In comments to The Washington Stand, Perkins shared how, when the Forum first started, those involved were Christian men and women, but there was a lack of those who boldly “operated from a biblical worldview.” However, he stated that the situation has changed dramatically since then. Since its founding, the Forum has grown to be “one of, if not the leading, policy organizations in the state.”

Perkins shared how his involvement with the Forum led and equipped him to be at FRC. For Perkins, a lot of the battles he was engaged in while at the Forum he expected, such as the corrupting influence of gambling in Louisiana. It wasn’t until he came to FRC that he faced more unexpected battles like the redefining of marriage and gender — battles that are ongoing. But he explained how the Forum equipped him with a good network and the knowledge of what it takes to run a family policy organization and the difficulties involved. He found that the experience he gained from the Forum gave him an “advantage” when coming to FRC.

Moving forward, Perkins emphasized that “you can’t put a spin on the challenges we are facing. This is reality.” He discussed how God has entrusted Christians with this reality and the ability to stand firm in the face of opposition. Quoting Romans 8:37, he described how “in all of these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” He stated, “We’re fighting a spiritual battle.” But despite how difficult times may be, “We can’t lose if we are obedient to God.”

“As we trust God, and as we are bold and courageous in our faith, not shrinking back into the shadows or watching from the sidelines,” he said, “we are going to see God do great things. And I think the Louisiana Family Forum is evidence of that.” Between the Forum and FRC, Perkins emphasized how the seeds that are planted and nourished will lead to evidence of what God will do when believers stay in alignment with Him.

In his concluding remarks at the Forum’s Gala, Perkins said, “I believe God is establishing Louisiana as a place of refuge for the righteous. … And we will see this state begin to prosper and begin to speak to the rest of the nation.”

Sarah Holliday is a reporter at The Washington Stand.