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Kevin Sorbo’s New Children’s Book Promotes Biblical Masculinity

September 23, 2023

In a world increasingly opposed to masculinity, actor, writer, and producer Kevin Sorbo has entered the fight in defending it. In his recently published children’s book entitled, “The Test of Lionhood,” Sorbo addresses the topic of gender identity while promoting biblical masculinity. “The attack today on masculinity is a call for us to stay vigilant right now,” he told Fox News. “Let’s let boys be boys and let girls be girls. And let’s stop this whole thing about chopping down the men in the world.”

Sorbo further expressed how being brave and “manly” are not bad attributes, and stated young boys need to understand this. “They’re going out there and protecting people — and they shouldn’t be afraid to confront things that are dangerous,” he said.

Sorbo has been criticized for years as a man who promotes conservative and Christian values in Hollywood, from which he was booted out several years ago, he says. In an interview with The Washington Stand, Sorbo shared further insight. “I guess people are afraid of the truth,” he said. “I’ve always said we need to wake up the lions out there. And all these people talk about the quiet silent majority. Well, when are they going to wake up?”

He went on to say how the Left can cancel whoever they want, whenever they want. “We’re losing free speech more and more all the time,” he said. Between the Left’s constant hypocrisy and the cultural war on gender, Sorbo felt called to write this book. But despite the opposition who want to deem Sorbo’s book as evil, he stated that he simply wants to help boys to understand the importance of their role as boys who will one day be men. “Kids are growing up realizing how the father is not that important to the family unit,” he shared. “And that’s what Hollywood has done. And they’ve done it on purpose.”

But this issue expands beyond Hollywood and what people see on the big screen. For years, experts have acknowledged the crisis of fatherlessness as an increasing one, which negatively impacts the development of boys, and contributes to poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and the crumbling of society at large. “No matter what I put out there, I’m gonna get backlash,” Sorbo shared. But regardless of inevitable backlash, he stated how he is going to keep making movies that promote masculinity, family, and “good messages.” Movies that aren’t “celebrating evil, hate, anger, sex, and violence,” Sorbo emphasized — the themes Hollywood often promotes.

Sorbo made it clear he wants to use his films to bring back the kind of movies Hollywood used to put out. “You know, movies that make you laugh, think, react, maybe relate to somebody on the screen. … Give them hope, Give them redemption. Give them a chance to live in a more positive world instead of a negative one. I want to live in a world that’s got light in it, not [a] world that lives in darkness.”

Sorbo concluded by offering encouragement for those who need it. “You have to work hard to have success in life,” he underscored. “Most people do not have the strength to do it because they’ve learned just to give up and let the government take care of them. … [But] don’t let anyone set your limitations.”

Sarah Holliday is a reporter at The Washington Stand.