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Senator Johnson: GOP Will ‘Protect U.S. Sovereignty’ amid WHO Pandemic Treaty Push

November 9, 2023

On Wednesday, during a briefing on Capitol Hill addressing the World Health Organization’s (WHO) efforts to establish a global governance plan for future pandemics, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) assured the audience that Republicans “are all about protecting U.S. sovereignty.”

Johnson was speaking to a group of advocates who gathered to discuss how the WHO has “transform[ed] ‘from health advisor to dictator’” by attempting to push through controversial amendments to International Health Regulations and establish a global pandemic treaty that could infringe on the sovereignty of nations to make their own health care decisions.

The senator described his recent effort to deem the amendments to the existing WHO regulations as a treaty so that Congress would then have the authority to accept or reject it. As he noted, however, every Democrat voted against Johnson’s amendment, while every Republican voted for it.

Johnson went on to note how Democrats, the mainstream media, Big Pharma, and the WHO are all “in lockstep” with continuing the strategy of COVID vaccinations, despite alarming evidence of the harms they have caused.

“The CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] has now recommended seven jabs,” he observed. “You see [a recent] Rasmussen poll — 24% of Americans believe they know somebody who died from the jab. … The V-safe, a voluntary safety surveillance system for the COVID jab — 10 million people signed up. [The CDC had to be sued] to release the results … [which] were devastating: 7.7% had to receive medical care, 24% lost a day of work. … We’re up to 36,500 deaths on VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting] — 24% of those occurred on 0, 1, or 2 [year-olds].”

“Once your eyes are opened, you really can’t close them,” Johnson remarked. He further argued that Republicans are “all about protecting U.S. sovereignty” and are therefore on board with rejecting the WHO’s pandemic treaty, but Democrats are not.

“The only way we succeed is if we get more people to open up their eyes,” he contended. “… The only way I can see to open up people’s eyes is to literally get them to look at the [vaccine] injuries. Look at the reality of what has happened as a result of our response. I don’t know how anybody can look at our response to COVID and say it was anything but a miserable failure.”

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who also attended the briefing, joined “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” on Wednesday to shed further light on the WHO’s efforts to form a global governance plan.

“[T]his sounds like a James Bond movie, you know — this could never happen, but I assure you, it’s in the documents,” she underscored. “I went to Geneva, Switzerland, for the last World Health Assembly. I listened to these people when they were talking to the committees that are being set up. I assure you, this is planning to go forward. There isn’t one nation that objected. That’s what stunned me more than anything else. Not one nation objected.”

Bachmann, who currently serves as dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, went on to highlight how the WHO appears to be attempting to expand their reach beyond pandemic response. “[T]he bottom line is that every nation will voluntarily surrender national sovereignty over health care decision-making. The only thing is they redefine health care to include climate change, racism, abortion, income inequality, LGBTQ issues. … [T]his is creating a platform for global governance.”

As to the question of who would enforce a potential WHO pandemic guidelines in the U.S., Bachmann was clear. “Joe Biden will enforce it because this is what he wants to see. He’s already opened up [a] compliance office so that here in the United States, we’re complying with what the WHO tells us that we need to do.”

Bachmann urged believers to take action through prayer and contacting members of Congress. “Pray, first of all, because this is a spiritual issue as far as I’m concerned. … [I]f we can start a groundswell of contacting these senators and these House members, then they can’t ignore it right now. They don’t even know this is an issue.”

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.