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WHO Launches Global ‘COVID Certification’ System

June 8, 2023

On Monday, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the launch of a “digital COVID-19 certification” system modeled after the European Union’s digital certification network. While the WHO claims that the purpose of the system is to allow people to “receive quality health services quickly and more effectively,” experts say the initiative is a disguised power grab akin to a vaccine passport — designed to be used as an enforcement mechanism for global control.

The WHO announced the new certification system in the wake of its annual 10-day World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, in which a global pandemic treaty and amendments to international health rules were voted on by the 194 WHO member countries. The final merged agreement, which former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann characterized as “a platform for global governance through health care,” will likely be finalized next year.

But as Bachmann pointed out during Wednesday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins,” the WHO’s adoption of the new COVID certification system was not voted on.

“It was discussed prior to the meeting that we just had for seven days in Geneva, but they did not vote on it,” she explained. “I was stunned. … [T]his is the most unbelievable power grab, because this digital certification will ultimately be used as the enforcement mechanism for this global control over all nations regarding health care and many other issues as well.”

Bachmann went on to describe the extent of the ramifications that could result from a digital certification system controlled by the WHO.

“It’s a global digital ID,” she observed. “Take a look at your cell phone. A QR code would be on this, only it’s managed by the World Health Organization, the organization that tragically got it more wrong than any other nation during the global pandemic. But now they would be the ones who are in charge of administering this QR code. …[T]hey would also set the requirements that we have to meet, whether it’s mandating vaccines, mandating boosters, mandating mask wearing, mandating lockdowns, mandating church closures. … And our cell phone would tell the story if we are in compliance or not.”

Bachmann further noted that the certification network may turn out to resemble other highly controversial digital tracking systems used by dictatorial regimes.

“[It’s] very similar to the social credit system that communist China uses and imposes on their own people,” she argued. “That’s what this system envisions. And it’s far more than just the vaccine. Ultimately, they envision a cashless society where money would be converged. … [I]t’s [also] a travel locator number that we have. We could not get on a plane or a public conveyance of any kind unless we are in conformity with what the WHO says.”

Bachmann emphasized that the magnitude of the threat to civil liberties should prompt decisive action on the part of Congress.

“The biggest question is, will the United States of America go into this system? And if so, when? That’s why I say it’s time for U.S. senators to wake up and start asking questions, [as well as] members of the House. They need to deliver the message in no uncertain terms to the Biden administration. The United States will not go into this system. United States-based corporations will not go into this system, and no customer of any business should ever be punished for not going into this system. … Once you give away sovereignty, it’s almost impossible to give back.”

Perkins concurred, highlighting the importance of America’s Constitution in ensuring the rights of its citizens. “This is why we have no business being in these global entities, because … we’re unique. We have a Bill of Rights. We understand the value of the individual and the God-given rights that we have. They don’t come to us from government. They’re granted to us. They’re given to us by God to be protected by government. That’s what makes us different and that’s what these other governments don’t have, and that’s why their people don’t have freedom. And we’re willing to fight for that freedom.”

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.