". . . and having done all . . . stand firm." Eph. 6:13


Biden Calls on Voters to ‘Save Our Democracy’ This November, but He Is the One Putting Our Country at Risk

February 6, 2024

Only a month into this presidential election year, President Joe Biden is again warning America that we must “save our democracy” from former President Donald Trump and conservatives — declaring that we could “lose everything” if Trump is re-elected.

In reality, during these last three years, the Biden administration and many congressional Democrats have revealed that they care very little about democracy — especially our Constitution’s First Amendment freedoms of religion and speech. Instead, they favor increasingly strong, centralized government in Washington, D.C. and silencing those who disagree with them. (Rod Dreher details how this is happening in his book “ Live Not By Lies.” He calls it “soft totalitarianism.”) In addition, rather than administering equal justice under the law, the Biden administration favors a two-tiered justice system.

Traditionally it is conservatives (within the Republican Party) who value limited government with most decisions being made by families and parents at the local and state level rather than in Washington, D.C. And it is liberals (within the Democratic Party) who favor a powerful national government. However, that tendency to look to Washington for answers, along with a severe decline in U.S. history and civics education as well as Marxist Critical Theory and anti-America indoctrination, have caused an increasing number of Democrats (especially among younger generations) to favor a powerful, Orwellian national government which contradicts and threatens America’s democratic republic.

The following are just a few examples of how the political Left has threatened Americans’ freedoms and democratic ideals in recent years.

2020 Riots and ‘Defund the Police’ Movement

One very obvious example of this threat to democracy was on display during the 2020 Black Lives Matter and Antifa violent protests and calls to defund the police. These riots were carried out by Marxist groups that are embraced by the Democratic Party. Most of those rioters have not been brought to justice, while peaceful pro-life activists often receive severe sentences, including the six activists in Tennessee that were recently convicted and will receive “up to a maximum of 10 and a half years in prison, three years of supervised release and fines of up to $260,000.”

Forced Shutdowns, Vaccines, Masks, and Intolerance of Dissent during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Who could ever forget how our country (and especially the “blue” states with Democratic governors) shut down churches, schools, and most public gatherings during 2020 and 2021? They canceled the voices of those who questioned their “science” and coercive actions.

Trampling of Parental Rights

Another example of the anti-democratic tendencies of the Biden administration and the Democratic Party is their disdain for parental rights and those who oppose gender transitioning of minors. They publicly oppose parents who want to stop their children’s transition, and they oppose state SAFE Acts.

On the February 2 episode of “Washington Watch,” Vernadette Broyles, president and general counsel of the Child and Parental Rights Campaign, gave disturbing details of cases where children are confused about their sex, school officials encourage them to transition to the other sex, and they keep their parents in the dark. (Sadly, these cases are happening more and more.) In some cases, the school officials and Child Protective Services accuse the parents of child abuse and remove the child from their home. (FRC’s Senior Fellow for Education Studies Meg Kilganon recently talked about one such case in Montana on “Washington Watch.”)

These policies and actions that favor schools and state governments over parental rights are supported by the Democratic Party. You can read about this in their party platform.


Yet another example of the threat to democracy from the Left is the prevalent anti-Semitism and support of the terrorist organization, Hamas, on university campuses and among some Democratic members of Congress. These individuals refuse to condemn the brutal rapes and murders of innocent Israelis in Gaza on October 7. Even liberal journalist Bari Weiss is pleading with America — and the world — to stand up against the horrific barbarism of Hamas and other evil actors and fight for what’s right — the values shared by Jews, Christians, and the civilization of the West.

Immediate Opening of the Southern Border When Biden Took Office, Which Has Led to a National Crisis

The Biden administration’s refusal to acknowledge the border crisis until last month and allowing more illegal immigrants, including those on the U.S. terrorist watch list, to enter the United States is another example of the Left’s threat to democracy. While most of the over 10 million illegal immigrants that have entered the United States over the last three years have not been vetted, we have seen an astounding increase in lawlessness, including human trafficking, drug trafficking (especially fentanyl), and violent crimes. Illegal immigration has also created overcrowded health care systems, overburdened schools, and a strain on families who are financially struggling.

Collaboration with the Anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in an Effort to Shut Down Conservative Groups Such as Moms for Liberty

The Washington Stand has published several pieces that reveal how the SPLC has tried to intimidate and shut down conservative organizations and individuals by adding them to their “hate map.” As revealed last month, a newly disclosed video has revealed that the Biden administration partnered with the SPLC to label conservative organizations as “domestic terrorism threats,” which The Daily Signal’s Tyler O’Neil discussed on “Washington Watch” recently.

These are just six of many examples of how the Biden administration and the increasingly-controlling Left threaten our democratic republic. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that we pray for our country, talk about these issues with our family, friends, and neighbors, and teach our children accurate history and civics. In addition, pastors must help their congregations develop a biblical worldview, and we must vote in our states’ primary elections and in the general election on November 5.