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HICE: Pro-Lifers Are ‘Radicalized Suspects’ to DHS

May 16, 2023

The Biden administration has reached a new low in their war on the unborn and those who hold a pro-life position. Allegedly, they are now targeting pro-life mothers and other individuals whom the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deems to be “radicalized suspects.”

Yes, you read that correctly. DHS considers you a radicalized citizen if you are pro-life, and if you are willing to say so publicly. And worse, they are trying to train your friends to scrutinize your behavior and alert them of certain conduct they consider “radical.” If only this was a barbaric, tasteless joke. But it’s not. Instead, this is yet another demonstration of the utter evil and corruption that exists, and is growing, within our federal government. Biden is widening the parameters for weaponizing enforcement agencies against American citizens — in this case, mothers — for their belief that every life matters and that babies in the womb should be protected.

Materials obtained by the America First Legal Foundation found that the DHS Office of Terrorism and Violence Prevention has considered producing training videos to teach people how to identify potential extremists and help DHS target “radicalization suspects” such as suburban mothers, according to Fox News.

The obvious question is: What kind of behavior do they consider “radical?” With all of the outrageous incidents happening in our country, from mass shootings to violent protesting, you would think DHS would be looking for real potential agitators and anarchists. After all, there certainly appears to be an abundance of undisputable fanatics on the loose. But no. Their definition of “radical” is vastly different than what most of us think. They are looking for people like you, the true radical.

The framework for their pro-life “radicalization project” is a woman they refer to as “Ann.” She

represents a woman who lives in the suburbs, does the laundry, and drives a minivan. Really? Is doing the laundry or driving a minivan “radical?”

Hang on, it gets worse. Ann also lives in rural America and, of course, she is religious. The real concern appears to be that her religious beliefs have grown more “devout” since her mother’s death.

Ann’s profile goes on, “While she has always been protective of her four kids, she has become increasingly more concerned about the welfare of other children, including the unborn.” This is it — the “radical” behavior they are seeking to identify. Ann cares for the unborn and for that reason, she is considered extreme. Honestly, what has this country come to when being pro-life is a description for a “radicalized suspect?”

We used to live in the real America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. But today, the arrogance of elites within our government is overwhelming, and it must stop. They have no business meddling in the political or religious beliefs of free-thinking individuals or disrupting the right to freely affirm those viewpoints in the public square. Using intimidation, harassment, or other bullying techniques, the real radicals are in D.C. And they intend to silence anyone who does not embrace their extreme ideas. Let’s be frank — supporting life is not anarchic, but killing babies up to the moment of birth is radical and morally reprehensible!

Not only is Biden’s DHS weaponized and bullying law-abiding citizens while being tolerant of criminals, but they are also ignoring their chief responsibilities, such as securing the border. We are witnessing the biggest illegal immigration crisis in recent history, and instead of doing their job, the DHS is attempting to classify pro-life women as a threat. It is absolute insanity to allow genuine terrorists and criminals to have free access into our country while labeling pro-life women as dangerous to our republic.

Again, it’s left-wing policies that are radical, not law-abiding citizens. When will Biden and his agencies set aside their anti-American, woke political initiatives and start protecting the country? There have been countless apprehensions of legitimate extremists at the border, but that is of little concern to this DHS. To them, you are the problem, because you stand in the way of their left-wing ideas. For that reason, you are regarded as the real menace. You must understand this reality. The border doesn’t slow down the advancement of their agenda, neither does a poor economy, ballooning national debt, Chinese dominance, or rising crime. But you? You threaten the spread of wokeism.

With over 300,000 illegal crossings per month, one would think the DHS has plenty to occupy its time. Instead, Americans have been left to fend for themselves regarding the border and the rise in violent crime that is plaguing communities — while mothers and pro-life advocates are being targeted for valuing every person, born and unborn. It’s all about the Left’s agenda. And yes, it’s disgusting.

The priorities of this administration are incomprehensible. But regardless of the actions they take, we must do all we can to stand in the gap to defend our rights and the principles of liberty. And, with hope and faith, we must look to the Lord and pray for Divine intervention. Although everything seems upside down these days, we know that God will have the final word. “The wicked person schemes against the righteous and gnashes his teeth at him. The Lord laughs at him because he sees that his day is coming” (Psalm 37:12-13).

It’s time for Biden and the DHS to stop profiling innocent, God-fearing Americans and start protecting the nation’s real interests — like national security and American liberty. From my perspective, one word describes them best: radical!