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Responding to Dylan Mulvaney with God’s Redeeming Love

February 23, 2023

There is an ongoing and ever-evolving conversation within the conservative movement centered on the proper “tone” to use when addressing our political opponents — and, particularly, addressing activists who identify as transgender. Some conservatives err on the side of calling out woke insanity in the strongest possible terms, sometimes to the point of outright mockery. Others play it far too safe, choosing to avoid controversy by emphasizing loving the individual, sometimes to the point of ignoring the clear problems at hand altogether.

As Christians, who must function first and foremost as ambassadors of Christ in a fallen world, it can be difficult to strike the proper balance between truth and love — but difficulty is no reason to shy away from the most pressing issues facing our culture today.

This week, popular trans activist Dylan Mulvaney announced an upcoming variety-show style event in New York City to commemorate what he calls, “Day 365 of Girlhood.” On March 12, 2022, Mulvaney posted the first in a series of videos documenting his public identification as a woman. Mulvaney said, “This will actually be the first time that I’m back on stage, but in my proper gender identity.” The influencer also described the event as a “coming-out debutante ball.”

Over the course of these almost 365 days, Mulvaney has rightly drawn the ire and criticism of anyone willing to acknowledge the biological reality that a man cannot become a woman — let alone a “girl.” His videos, while hypothetically created in a spirit of satire, have reinforced incredibly offensive stereotypes of women as bedazzled bimbos who are too silly to wear comfortable shoes when hiking and who cry, at minimum, three times a day.

Likewise, Mulvaney’s recent rebranding after undergoing “facial feminization” surgery has only further affirmed that the activist believes peak womanhood to include mimicking Audrey Hepburn and bragging about thinking he could “steal a husband.”

In short, Mulvaney’s content is exactly what you would expect to see from a man pretending to experience life as a woman. In any other context, his videos would be universally recognized as misogynistic and demeaning. However, because Mulvaney has adopted the label of being a “transgender woman,” his offensive behavior and misrepresentation of the female sex escapes the condemnation of the so-called feminists on the Left — and, in fact, earns their unequivocal praise.

As a woman, I know all too well the many fears and harsh realities that my sex faces every day in this world. I know what it feels like to be objectified. I know the mantras of safety that my female peers and I were taught from a young age: to hold our keys between our fingers in parking lots, to never walk alone after dark, to never leave a beverage unattended. These are not the realities I would have chosen for myself, or for anyone — but they are our reality, far as the curse is found.

As a woman, it is easy to be angry at Mulvaney. His reprehensible content is objectively offensive; it is absurd to believe that a man could conquer nature and achieve womanhood simply by learning how to put on lipstick and shaving his legs. Believe it or not, I know many genuine women who do neither of those things, yet remain secure in the reality that they are, incontrovertibly, women.

As Christians, however, we are not called to succumb to the easy response. Between the lines of Mulvaney’s content, there is a clear thread of pain that demands that loving truth be spoken into it. In one video, Mulvaney writes a letter to his younger self, saying, “One day, you won’t feel like a freak.” I know the struggles and pains of being a woman, but I will never understand the pain that Mulvaney has wrestled with while suffering from what appears to be gender dysphoria.

Even 365 days of falsely proclaiming yourself to be the opposite sex are not enough to erase the identity that God gave you in your mother’s womb. No amount of confusion about your sex or feeling out of place in your body can change that you were fearfully and wonderfully made by the hand of the Most High. The love of God is more than sufficient to redeem every sinful action, word, and thought. Physical damage done to your body does not equate to unredeemable damage done to your soul.

Mulvaney, and gender ideologues like him, merit both correction and compassion. Thankfully, the redeeming love of God is sufficient to provide both; as agents of the Lord, we should extend both in every response.

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