". . . and having done all . . . stand firm." Eph. 6:13

PODCAST 31 min

Ep 2: Women, Drew Barrymore, and The Trans Patriarchy; What Biden Labels 'Close to Sinful'

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When actress Drew Barrymore recently kneeled before a trans activist, it painted a unique picture of our cultural moment. What do actions like this mean for women, and how Christians should approach such cultural upheaval? Host Joseph Backholm joins Washington Stand writers Joy Stockbauer and Ben Johnson to break down this issue. They also discuss President Biden's recent pronouncement that actions to protect children from unneeded surgeries are "close to sinful."

Featured articles:

Women: We Must Not Kneel Before the Trans Patriarchy, by Joy Stockbauer

Responding to Dylan Mulvaney with God’s Redeeming Love, by Joy Stockbauer

Biden Calls Transgender Bans ‘Close to Sinful.’ Pope Francis Calls Gender Ideology ‘Dangerous, Colonial’ Ideology, by Ben Johnson

Biden: Protecting Kids from Gender Ideology Is ‘Close to Sinful’, by Joshua Arnold

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