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HICE: Schools Are Grooming Your Children

December 13, 2023

There is no doubt that parents are increasingly kept in the dark when it comes to involvement with their children’s lives at school. Having been emboldened by outspoken leftist extremists, teachers and school administrators frequently abuse their power and influence over students to push radical beliefs. In fact, there is an alarming new trend, as reported by the Daily Wire, where schools are encouraging students to utilize “QChat,” an online platform for teens.

QChat is a platform created by the Trevor Project and is a collaboration of Planned Parenthood, PFLAG, and Centerlink. The chat-based site hosts discussion groups for teens with adult volunteer facilitators. Students are encouraged to ask questions about all things related to the LGBTQIA+ community, gender identity, and sexuality.

Some of these “discussion topics” include things like sexual preferences, how to perform intimate acts, how to transition genders without parents knowing, and how to hide the purchase of a binder and other materials from guardians. The site is designed with “sneaking around” in mind, breeding a spirit of deception in youths who are already struggling. The website is even equipped with a “quick exit” button at the bottom that returns the screen to the Google search engine so that explicit chats can be concealed from parents.

In sum, teachers and school administrators encourage minors to discuss the most intimate things imaginable with “legal adults” online who are seeking out opportunities to sexually engage with children. Less than 10 years ago, society would have called this what it is: grooming. Adults are talking to children about graphic sexual activities under the guise of being a “safe place.”

Biblically, we know that parents are supposed to be their child’s safe place. While it is all too idealistic to imagine every child having parents who provide a loving home where they feel comfortable inquiring about such matters, it is nonetheless totally unacceptable for teachers, school administrators, and these “adult volunteers” to prey upon the vulnerabilities and fears of students in order to advance their own personal sexually-crazed beliefs. This radical abuse of authority is nothing short of reprehensible. The audacity to believe in a right to withhold information about someone’s child is both frightening and despicable.

But more and more, teachers and schools are emboldened in their attempts to strip parents of their rights. Some states have even passed laws allowing the whereabouts of children as young as 12 to be withheld from their parents if they do not support the child’s transgender identity or a decision to have an abortion.

It is imperative that parents be proactive in their children’s academic lives. K-12 schools are the modern-day battlegrounds for the hearts and minds of our nation’s youth. The enemy is not hiding; the war is out in the open. The radical Left’s army is comprised of many educators who are actively seeking to undermine the role of parents and replace traditional beliefs with a hypersexualized and self-gratifying agenda.

The Left knows how to strike while the iron is hot — they prey on the most vulnerable of people, like an abused child, to increase their chances of getting what they want. Encouraging kids to use a platform like QChat is grooming, and parents must be aware of the content being exposed to their children. The fight between good and evil is evident in many areas of the world, but we must not grow weary.

The Devil is a master of deception and lies (John 8:44, II Corinthians 11:14). The entire branding of LGBTQIA+ as a community of “love” and “acceptance” is deceptive. Love and acceptance are certainly two things people desperately seek, but ultimately, both can only be found in proper relationship with God. Individuals will never feel fully “loved” or “accepted” by the world or its system because Satan is incapable of love. Scripture is clear that he came to seek and destroy, while Christ came as the perfect lamb to seek and save the lost (John 10:10, Luke 19:10).

The innocence and hearts of our children are the latest target of the enemy. We must work to restore schools as places of education rather than indoctrination and protect students from the advances of evil (Matthew 19:13-14).