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Senator: Authorities Need to Take Charge of Pro-Hamas, Anti-Semitic University Protests

May 2, 2024

Pro-Hamas protestors have gone above and beyond to show their support for terrorists as well as their hatred for America and the Jewish people. Especially on college campuses.

Reports are seemingly non-stop of universities having to crack down on campus chaos as Hamas sympathizers set up encampments, vandalize campus grounds, and even escalate to violence. At this point, numerous arrests have been made at a variety of schools as students violate university policies and exceed their protest deadlines. One of the more bizarre developments comes as students broke into Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall. While breaking glass, setting up metal barricades, and blocking off the entrances to the building, the pro-terrorist students locked themselves in as a part of their ineffective messaging.

Similarly, a group at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) also isolated themselves inside an encampment on the grounds of the school as part of their protest. This group actually sent out a list of “needs,” which included “items that are often used by rioters like Antifa,” The Daily Wire wrote. Among the list were also demands for medical supplies, as well as a list of food: “hot food for lunch!!! (IMPORTANT!!), Vegan food, Gluten free food, Ice, NO packaged food, NO coffee, NO bagels, NO bananas, and NO nuts.”

These protests, violent or not, are pitiful at their core. But it would seem they’re also counterproductive. Far from making progress, onlooking Democrats (many of whom are on the side of Palestine) have expressed concerns that these campus protests are actually hurting their chances in the November elections. In a comment to Axios, one unnamed House Democrat said, “The longer they continue, and the worse that they get, the worse it’s going to be for the election overall.”

And yet, the Democrats, while admitting the campus riots are causing people to be “super frustrated and concerned,” refuse to outright condemn the actions of these students. As Rep. Annie Kuster (D-N.H.) explained, “It’s complicated enough for us with the range of opinions and height of emotions we have, without weighing in on what [colleges] should be doing.”

President Joe Biden has seemingly had little to say “regarding the violence and protests plaguing college campuses,” DW conveyed. Albeit he did provide a brief comment on Thursday. When a reporter asked if the protests have “influenced policy reconsideration” concerning Israel, Biden simply said, “No.”

On Wednesday’s episode of “Washington Watch,” Family Research Council President Tony Perkins pointed out that we’re watching “dozens and dozens of chaotic campus demonstrations” happen, and “the Biden administration appears paralyzed to respond.” If anything, he added, “It seems like they’re more concerned about votes in November than preventing violence now.” Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.) concurred, adding, “It’s pretty remarkable that the Biden administration is so worried about this election that they are pursuing the pro-Hamas election group. … That’s a bizarre place for an American president to be.” Considering the student protestors, the senator stated, “People that commit acts of violence on a campus should face campus discipline.”

He continued, “When they’re trespassing, when they’re occupying a building, they [should] face criminal charges. … It’s not peaceful protests that are coming in and people just exercising dissent. That’s entirely appropriate to exercise dissent. But this is far beyond that. And these are folks that are literally pro-Hamas trying to intimidate Jewish students on campus.” Unfortunately, he added, the protestors have already “been successful” at shutting down classes and commencement ceremonies at some universities. Ultimately, Lankford argued that this is the result of the “administration not doing their basic task of … enforcing the code of conduct and … [not] doing their basic task of enforcing the law.”

Perkins took the time to emphasize the anti-Semitism we’re seeing is “not new,” but rather, “it’s been around quite some time.” However, the “violent” level to which is has grown to, Perkins contended, seems to be causing elected officials to have a hard time calling it what it is and putting an end to it. For Lankford, anti-Semitism has a clear definition. He explained, “If someone wants to say, ‘I disagree with Netanyahu, I disagree with the war,’ that’s their right to be able to speak it out.” However, he added, “when it transitions into genocide, when it transitions into … hateful speech, … that is transitioning from peaceful protest into acts of anti-Semitism and intimidation.”

Going forward, Lankford concluded, “What do we need to do as Americans when someone speaks out this way? Call it for what it is, should be the clear answer. It’s anti-Semitism. It’s anti-Jewish hatred.”

Sarah Holliday is a reporter at The Washington Stand.