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As Evidence Mounts against Biden, House Weighs Formal Impeachment Inquiry

December 12, 2023

As more and more evidence continues to come out regarding President Joe Biden’s entanglement with his son Hunter’s business dealings that appear to center around peddling influence with foreign actors, House Republicans are moving closer to opening a formal impeachment inquiry, with plans to vote on the measure this week.

While questions remain on Capitol Hill whether the GOP will be able to garner enough votes to formally open the inquiry, Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) said on Tuesday that Republicans “without a doubt” will have the votes to pursue impeachment. The impending vote comes as the National Archives is preparing to release 62,000 pages of documents that reportedly include “emails by Joe Biden under secret aliases and records tied to his son, Hunter Biden.”

The extent of the money that Hunter came into possession of was partially uncovered last week when he was indicted on nine tax charges in California. The charges detail how he evaded $1.4 million in tax payments between 2016 and 2020, during which time he “individually received more than $7 million in total gross income.” The 56-page indictment notes how Hunter spent money on “drugs, escorts and girlfriends, luxury hotels and rental properties, exotic cars, clothing, and other items of a personal nature, in short, everything but his taxes.”

For example, in 2018, Hunter spent “more than $1.8m, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash withdrawals, about $383,000 in payments to women and $151,000 on clothing. Yet that same year, [he] texted his ex-wife that he could not make his alimony payment ‘due to insufficient funds.’ He meanwhile stayed at various luxury hotels, spent $10,000 ‘to purchase a membership in a sex club’ and claimed that $1,248 cross country airline tickets for an exotic dancer were a business expense, according to the indictment.”

In a USA Today op-ed published Tuesday, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) gave a succinct rundown of the evidence linking then-Vice President Biden to a vast influence peddling scheme. From 2014 to 2019, “Biden family members and their affiliate companies received more than $15 million from foreign companies and foreign nationals in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania and China,” with Biden’s business associates receiving another $9 million. In addition, Johnson noted that there are “at least 22 examples of Joe Biden speaking with or meeting with Hunter Biden’s foreign business associates.” Johnson also pointed to evidence released last week “showing payments to Joe Biden from Hunter Biden’s business account, which was funded by payments from China.”

For his part, President Biden remarked last week that allegations that he interacted with Hunter’s business associates are “a bunch of lies.”

On Monday, Dr. Greg Murphy (R-N.C.) joined “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” to discuss the importance of the impeachment inquiry.

“The impeachment inquiry gives us certain legal capabilities for subpoena [power],” he explained. “… [I]f we have an inquiry by the entire House that’s voted for something, [such as] giving a subpoena to people at the DOJ, they can’t turn it down. [They’ll have to] speak to the entire House, come back before the committees of jurisdiction, and answer the real questions that need to be answered. … It’s a legal proceeding. … [W]e can proceed with a lot more legitimacy than what Pelosi did.”

Murphy, who currently serves on the House Ways and Means Committee which oversees a portion of the investigation, went on to enumerate what has been uncovered by investigators.

“The true connection is that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden had absolute connectivity in their business dealings,” he underscored. “Joe Biden knew about them. [He] received money in compensation with Hunter Biden’s business dealings. We know that Hunter Biden created with his brother over 20 shell companies that had absolutely no purpose other than to receive money from nefarious places such as China, Ukraine, [and] Russia. … We’ve also found out that President Biden had multiple alias email addresses that he was connecting and discussing with Hunter Biden’s associates. … But remember, the ‘big guy’ got 10%. Joe Biden got $40,000. We will show completely that there is a full circle showing that Joe Biden sold his vice presidency. … It should be treasonous in the eyes of the American people.”

Murphy further argued that Biden has been and continues to repeatedly lie about the allegations, and questioned if there was a connection between the money he received from China and his soft public stance with the communist regime.

“He’s lying point blank. Number one, he said he didn’t know anything about [Hunter’s] business dealings. That’s an absolute lie. And then the fact that he profited from basically extorting money from Burisma [and] from the Chinese Communist Party — you wonder why he’s been so soft on China. … China is our greatest adversary — and I’ll even say enemy — today. And President Biden has been so soft on China during his entire administration. It begs the question, why? I think the question will be answered when we see the money connection.”

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.