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‘Crimes Have Been Committed’: Steube Highlights Articles of Impeachment Against Biden

September 13, 2023

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) decision to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden on Tuesday has put Rep. Greg Steube’s (R-Fla.) four articles of impeachment against Biden back into the spotlight, which were further discussed on Tuesday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins.”

“I felt compelled to file the articles of impeachment based on the evidence that I had seen, and now … the Speaker of the House has determined that we should open an impeachment inquiry,” Steube said. “It allows us to have further power as it is the logical next step to move forward. And I hope that these different committees will move in earnest.”

Steube further explained how the impeachment inquiry exposing the evidence may prove beneficial in helping “more moderate” members of the conference who may not have developed opinions be more educated on what is happening.

Perkins emphasized how the media appears to be dismissing the subject by claiming there is “no evidence” of Biden’s alleged federal crimes. He further spoke on Biden lying about having no knowledge of Hunter Biden’s business deals and various forms of criminal behavior. “It’s hard not to see this and not come to a conclusion as well that this affected the outcome of the 2020 election,” he said. Additionally, Perkins shared his concern of this affecting the 2024 election.

“This absolutely affected the last election,” Steube agreed, while also sharing concerns regarding the upcoming election. “All of this is calculated, all of [what] is going on,” he added. “And it’s gotten worse since Joe Biden’s been president because he’s in control of appointing the people that [are] in charge of the DOJ and the FBI.”

Amid these circumstances, Perkins said, “I know from the Bible, Luke, chapter 18, Jesus says men ought to pray and not lose heart. I think we need to be praying right now for where our nation is, praying for the truth to be revealed.” He added, “But we also need to roll up our sleeves and go to work.” There is a profound level of corruption within our government, Perkins stated. “We need to be bold enough to talk about this.”

Steube concluded that the evidence against Biden is substantial. “[I]t’s hard looking at that, regardless of your political affiliation, … and not see that crimes have been committed.” For Steube, Congress sitting back and not doing anything “would be a complete miscarriage of justice.”

Sarah Holliday is a reporter at The Washington Stand.