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Planned Parenthood Committed 383,460 Abortions, Received $633 Million in Taxpayer Funding in 2021

September 12, 2022

Despite having hundreds of thousands of fewer customers, Planned Parenthood committed a record-breaking number of abortions and received an historic amount of funding from U.S. taxpayers in 2021, according to its newly released report.

“Planned Parenthood’s latest report continues to confirm what their mission is about: death and taxpayer funding,” Connor Semelsberger, director of federal affairs at Family Research Council, told The Washington Stand.

Planned Parenthood’s affiliates averaged 1,050 abortions a day for a total of 383,460 during the 2020-2021 fiscal year — an increase of 28,589 over 2019-2020 levels. “To put this violence into perspective, this is equivalent to five Super Bowl stadiums,” said the March for Life in a statement.

“Planned Parenthood … [is] proud to provide abortion. That’s never been more true than during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the report said. “Abortion is essential health care that cannot wait for the end of a pandemic,” it asserted.

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America received $633.4 million in taxpayer funds, a $15.3 million increase over last year’s record-breaking haul. That made the American taxpayer Planned Parenthood’s largest source of $133.7 million in profits and boosted PPFA’s net assets to $2.14 billion.

“To put in perspective how intertwined Planned Parenthood’s abortion business is with the American public, since 1994 Planned Parenthood has performed more than 7 million abortions all while receiving over $10 billion in taxpayer funding,” Semelsberger told TWS. The amount of money the government compels taxpayers to furnish Planned Parenthood has increased 388%, or $470.3 million, since 1994. “It is past time that American taxpayers demand a divorce with Planned Parenthood’s abortion business,” said Semelsberger.

Planned Parenthood’s new annual report — which was released late Friday afternoon, about seven months later than usual — shows the organization expanding abortion, providing cross-sex hormones for people who identify as transgender, driving corporations to embrace pro-abortion policies, shaping cultural narratives about abortion, speaking directly to minors about sexuality, promoting the COVID-19 vaccine, and building a pan-leftist lobbying coalition to promote radical government policies.

“Friday data dumps usually involve something people or organizations are ashamed of, which makes Planned Parenthood’s annual report release worth reading,” said Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins. “Planned Parenthood thinks hiding their abortion business will camouflage the rising body count.” Planned Parenthood “released its delayed annual report immediately after news of Queen Elizabeth’s death in order to minimize impact,” agreed the American Life League.

Planned Parenthood managed to turn a larger profit even though nearly a quarter-million fewer people walked through its doors in 2021, and scheduled fewer appointments for 15 out of the 19 “services” it offered. The number of breast exams performed by Planned Parenthood fell by half and PAP tests decreased by 30% over the last five years. The number of female sterilizations fell by 86% since 2016. Even contraceptive distribution, long a pillar of Planned Parenthood’s funding, fell by 508,661.

Only the number of abortions consistently increased each of the last five years. That runs contrary to PPFA’s promise, in this year’s report, to “ensure access to care for everyone we can, everywhere we can, in every way we can.” (Emphasis in original.)

More abortions: The report revealed the organization’s continued trajectory toward abortion militancy and political lobbying. Since 1994, Planned Parenthood has closed 40% of its facilities, according to data aggregated by the Family Research Council. In 1994, abortion took place in one of every four Planned Parenthood offices; now, the number is two-thirds. The number of Planned Parenthood offices that dispense chemical abortions has nearly quadrupled since 2005.

During that time, the number of abortions Planned Parenthood is responsible for nearly tripled, from 134,277 to 383,460 — a 62,076 rise in the last five years alone.

Transgender hormones: The annual summary of PPFA’s actions also showed the organization pushing into such controversial areas as administering cross-sex hormones to people who identify as transgender, which the group portrays as “gender-affirming care.” Last year’s report stated with pride that Planned Parenthood had “[m]ore than 200 [offices] in 31 states providing hormone [injections] for transgender patients.” This year’s missive did not specify the number of facilities involved in such activities, lumping “transgender services” in with 15,902 miscellaneous “other services.”

COVID-19 vaccinations: Planned Parenthood’s annual report also touted a new bilingual program “encouraging a broader audience to get the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine.” In the first six months of 2021, Planned Parenthood injected 13,105 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. All of the COVID-19 vaccines currently approved in the United States have been developed with or tested on aborted fetal cells. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was designed, developed, and produced using the PER.C6 cell line, derived from a 1985 abortion. Moderna and Pfizer each tested their vaccines on the HEK293 cell line, fetal kidney cells derived from an abortion carried out in 1973.

Militant left-wing political advocacy: Planned Parenthood vowed to remain at the forefront “advocacy and cultural change,” forming a united front with others on the Left. “We are going to be the linked arms of LGBTQ+ people and people of color and immigrants … We are going to be builders of a new foundation for our rights,” the report said. “Planned Parenthood helped build a coalition of more than 90 reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations to push for federal policies” such as repealing the Hyde Amendment and other barriers to increased taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion advocacy.

Changing business policy and popular culture: PPFA worked with large corporations on their response to the time when the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade. PPFA “laid the groundwork for companies to take decisive action when access to … abortion, is threatened,” its report said.

Planned Parenthood tried to change culture, inside school and on television. Planned Parenthood “experts” took the group’s message of “shame-free, gender-inclusive” sex education inside America’s public schools. “Despite limited opportunities for in-person sex education, Planned Parenthood affiliate educators reached more than 563,000 people this year,” the report said.

PPFA also reviewed the scripts, provided “media training,” and gave “legal guidance” to two 2020 movies about abortion and collaborated about “abortion and sexual health stories in many popular TV shows,” the report said. “This work means that popular media treats these stories … in ways that change culture and reduce stigma” associated with having an abortion.

The report ends at June 2021, four months before President Joe Biden repealed pro-life protections that denied Title X “family planning” funds to organizations that referred women for abortions. President Donald Trump’s Protect Life rule had caused many Planned Parenthood offices to forego federal funding; Biden’s reversal reopens another revenue stream.

“Planned Parenthood seeks to impose abortion and sexual license worldwide and seizes every opportunity to do so. Its income continues to grow as its abortion business flourishes and its customer base shrinks,” said Rita Diller of the American Life League. “This annual report is yet another wake-up call. It is time to stop Planned Parenthood.”


Ben Johnson is senior reporter and editor at The Washington Stand.